Bonnee Beth

Bodhran & Percussion

Bonnee Beth is a relative newcomer to Irish music. She began studying bodhrán with Patrick Roe and Kevin Rice only a few years ago. Her considerable performing experience is with Arabic and Middle Eastern music, both as a percussionist and as a dancer. She also performs a variety of percussion instruments as a member of Ethnictricity, an International Folk Dance Music Ensemble. With her background in world music, Bonnee Beth provides a unique dynamic flavor to Bantry Bay. In addition to the traditional sounds of the Bodhran, bones and spoons, she introduces the Arabic tabla, finger cymbals, African gong, and Tibetan prayer bells. Another element she adds to Bantry Bay's performances is her "Bonnee Dancing", a form of Sean Nos dance that incorporates elements of traditional Irish dancing.

Photograph By: Pam Daspit

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