Set The Sails

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Cover photography and design by Patrick Daspit.
Denis Sillivan quilt by Pam Daspit.
Tracks & Notes:
  1. The Donegal Set

  2. Farrel O'Gara/Yellow Tinker/Wild Irishman
    A set of Donegal reels. Arranged by Ed Paloucek, a friend and terrific fiddler.
  3. Kaitlin's

  4. Kaitlin's(*)/The Cat's Meow(*)/Handsome Young Maidens
    Kaitlin wrote the first jig for a school project. Cat's Meow is by Joanie Madden. Thanks Joanie! Handsome Young Maidens? Well, we have two.
  5. Patrick's Ships

  6. Trip To Lunnenberg(*)/Full Rigged Ship/New Rigged Ship
    Patrick wrote Trip To Lunnenberg to commemorate the maiden voyage of the schooner Denis Sullivan. We play it with two Shetland Island tunes associated with fiddler Aly Bain.
  7. Bonnee's Ship

  8. Bonnee's Ship the Diamond/The Earl's Chair
    Patrick learned this song from Gusti, a great folksinger from Cleveland. Bonnee has taken a liking to the song … is it the ship or the diamond she wants?
  9. Ashokan Farewell(*)

  10. A haunting and well known melody by Jay Ungar.
  11. The Cork Hornpipe

  12. A popular session tune, commonly known as Harvest Home.
  13. The Wedding

  14. Nell Fee's/Mairi's Wedding/Andy DeJarlis
    An Irish soap opera, in which Mairi meets Nell Fee and they get married, but then along comes Andy … (to be continued)
  15. Humours Of The Highlands

  16. Humours of Ballyloughlin/Atholl Highlanders
    With a nod to our Scottish and South American cousins, Bonnee plays the Bombo on Atholl Highlanders.
  17. The Odd Couple …

  18. Give Us A Drink Of Water/How About Whiskey Instead/Bodhran Solo: What is a collection of Irish music be without slip jigs & whiskey? The second tune is known, by everyone else, as Humours Of Whiskey.
  19. … And Some Reels: Silver Spear/ Foxhunters

  21. Rocks Of Bawn

  22. This song speaks for itself.
  23. I Got The Low Jigs

  24. Charlie Mulvihill's/The Battering Ram - Low Jigs because Kaitlin plays the "low fiddle", of course!
  25. A Bunch Of Tunes

  26. Lilting Banshee/The Swallowtail Jig/The Reconciliation/The Contradiction
    A couple of jigs, a couple of reels and Bonnee as herself, showing us how a Lilting Banshee sounds!
  27. Margaret's Waltz

  28. Written by Pat Shaw. This track is dedicated to Patrick's mother, Margaret Chenworth Daspit. Kaitlin plays a 3/4 size fiddle brought from Ireland in 1848 by Patrick's great great grandfather, Phil McGrath.

    All tunes and songs traditional except (*); used by permission:
    Kaitlin’s By Kaitlin L. Hahn ©2004
    Cat’s Meow By Joanie Madden
    Trip To Lunnenberg By Patrick Daspit ©2004
    Ashokan Farewell By Jay Ungar ©1983 by Swinging Door Music- BMI.
    Margaret's Waltz by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw 1959, ©EFDSS 1964

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